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Services 1 Litre Shrubs Stock Our 1 Litre Range and benefit from: All Year Round Impulse Sales Value for Money to You and Your Customer High Gross Profits Exclusive Point of Sale Fast, Reliable, Flexible Approach Multi-buy options achieving Volume Sales Over 400 Popular and more Unusual Varieties Making It Simple: All Plants Pre-priced & Ready to Display Bespoke Colour Labels One Generic Barcode Minimum Order Just 1 Trolley Supplied in Trays of 8 30 Trays per Trolley Updated Weekly Availability Nationwide Same Week Delivery Service One Price Across The Entire Range No Extra charge for labelling, pricing or delivery* - it's all included *Please Note: Due to increasing transport charges unfortunately for 2012 there will be an increase to £20.00 per trolley delivery charge for Scotland * Please enquire for delivery charge to Ireland.
 Bespoke Colour Labels Our full colour, large plant labels finish off your retail display, helping present a uniform smart plant to your customer. These bespoke coloured labels include one generic barcode on the reverse and to add more impact to your display take a look at our Point of Sale.
Oakgates' Point of Sale A fully stocked bench with Point of Sale sets off an attractive display increasing you sales. Please enquire about our current bespoke selection. Weekly Availability List Our weekly updated availability lists over 100 varieties and orders placed by 5pm on a Monday are guaranteed same week delivery. For customers unsure of what to order then we're happy to put together our own mix of saleable looking good lines. Please either email or call us now for a current availability. Email us at:

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