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 Compost Empathy
Come March it's time to keep on top of weeds as they start to grow in earnest. Hoe'd off regularly annual weeds can be kept under better control.
The importance of quality compost is many times overlooked and for that reason we stock a complete range depending on your plant requirements. Supporters of J.Arthur Bower’s and traditional growing we make sure to offer quality compost at fantastic prices with many great mix and match offers available. Weeds Stockists of Resolva and Deadfast weedkiller

Huge supporters of the empathy range and the amazing benefits of mycorrhizal fungi we stock all you need to keep your plants healthy with better root systems.  From rootgrow when you first plant through to after care to help more established plants.

Mycorrhizal fungi are widespread throughout nature and are a fundamental reason for normal plant growth and development.  Over 90% of all plants associate with these natural organisms as a mechanism for sustained nutrient and water supply.

Shortly after application the fungi contained in rootgrow will begin to colonise the plant or tree roots, extending the root system into the surrounding soil via an extensive network of fungal filaments.  These thread like filaments extract nutrients and water from a large soil volume and exchange them for carbon from the plant.  This secondary root system, when established, links the root systems of adjacent plants or trees and helps share, more efficiently, nutrient resources throughout the plant community.















Key Benefits

  • Have superior plant establishment with better natural vigour
  • Overcome re-plant problems more successfully, especially roses
  • Have better developed root systems
  • Are better able to cope with conditions of drought
  • A single application of rootgrow will support a plant for its
  • entire lifetime

Please do ask our trained team of staff which empathy product

is best for your needs and they will happily talk you through all you   need to know.

Empathy is endorsed fully by the Royal Horticulture Society

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