What makes us different to your average Garden Centre?  Why, the Gardens of course…

Back in 1986 Philip and Valerie Newington ventured away from the family nursery in Surrey and moved to Oakgate.  Back then the front was laden with fields of Pick Your Own fruit and veg but Philip soon began to transform the land into gardens.  Today you can freely walk around them noticing the wonderful colours of the seasons and the beauty plants create around us. Bird boxes and feeding tables can be spotted all around, encouraging various feathered friends.  Even the Conservatory Tea Room has a wonderful spot where you can dine out on the manicured lawn when the fine British weather allows.


Philip still works on the garden today and can often be found creating new borders and trying out new ideas.


Please do take a walk around and why not let us know     your thoughts on facebook or the comments box in the  shop area.


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