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Bird Care

Big believers in welcoming birds to our gardens, not only do we have an array of nest boxes; we also feed our feathered friends all year around.

When it comes to bird feed, it’s important to use quality feed.  Cheap fat balls for example are renowned for having a high percentage of sawdust and wheat husks.  At Oakgate we are currently selling from two suppliers and our aim is to find quality bird feed at a reasonable price.  Buying the cheapest bird food is generally not the most cost effective way to get food of a good quality.  If you truly enjoy watching your birds feed at all times of the year then it’s important to find a quality feed that the birds not only love but will also keep them healthy!

Pleased to be supporting another local small business from Cheshire, we’ve been trying the Red Barn range out in our gardens and so far we’ve found we can’t keep up with the black sunflower seed supply.  Wow do our birds like them.  A feeder full has been virtually emptied within a day!  We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the suet logs too, a nice change from the normal fat balls.


We also stock Extra Select which are supplied in small buckets.  Ideal to keep tight, secure and away from those furry friends who like to find their way into the bags in your garden shed.

From all the team here, we ask please don’t forget to feed the birds that visit your garden in the winter months.  Most plants in winter berry will provide them with a natural food source so why not ask our plant team what they recommend and your garden will be winter bird friendly year after year.


Should you buy any wild bird feed from us, we’d much appreciate any feedback so we can make sure we’re stocking quality feed!


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